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Traditional journalism, meet the internet

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Former Campaign Manager for Howard Dean, Joe Trippi, made a speech at O’Reilly‘s recent Emerging Technology Conference. He talked about how the Internet (specifically blogging and social tools) will be the a revolution for politics as it allows for a freer debate on the issues than the mass media would allow (or could manage), how… Read more »

Is it me or…

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You know that Coors light TV advert, yeah? The one where there’s a load of people dancing in some kind of wintry mountainous area, then the DJ turns up the sound system’s volume, causing an avalanche, which then turns into a gentle snowfall? Is it me or is the DJ none other than Mr. Richard… Read more »

Wireless USB

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I have a whole smorgasbord or technology links to post, but I’ll spread them over three or four posts to ease up on the linkage. Wireless USB – this is looking like being what Bluetooth wasn’t, i.e., successful. WUSB is basically USB2 plus the absolutely amazing technology of Ultra Wideband (which Robert X. Cringely titled… Read more »

Greens, Russians, terrorists, illiberalism.

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31 Green parties from 29 countries have joined forces to create the first pan-European political party. Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed his government in a live television broadcast. The American Education Secretary calls teachers union a “terrorist organization”. America, not really the land of the free.

The one where I visited Daisy

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Well, I travelled down on the train to Sheffield two Tuesdays ago (the 10th). The coach journy was priced at £49 and would have taken 13 hours (fuck that shit), but a getting a young persons railcard, then a discounted super return saver came to just £48. I used to be very into using coach… Read more »