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Here are a couple of very interesting artists I’ve found through the various experimental music sections on

Alp (Roger Horberry) takes found sound recordings from various sources in his apartment (including heating ducts, a washing machine, a boiling kettle, a disk drive, a microwave, doors, and a fridge) and outputs a very interesting form of dronology that makes one wonder what the world might sound like if our hearing was highly advanced.

L.O.S.D.‘s music is based around “numerology and mathematics”, “built on the fundaments of pure sine waves in the lower range”, a concept that I’ve always been interested in and plan to touch on when I get a chance to create my own music, i.e., taking a single tone and modifying, filtering, etc, it (although I plan on a more platonic-form-tone-dronology meets sid-station meets electro-funk/clash meets cliqhop sound).

Plus, check out these amazingly talented pavement chalk drawings by Kurt Wenner.

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