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“Non-religious beliefs should be taught as part of compulsory religious education, a think tank report suggests.” [link]. Progress, but not a solution. This doesn’t go far enough; I want to see proper philosophy (or at least real-life decision helping philosophy) taught on the national curriculum. The lack of hardcore thought provocation in schools these days is leading kids to think that discussing ‘life, the universe and everything’ is something to be seen as ‘ironic’, or even worse, something reserved for boring people or sad-cases.

“The main reformist coalition taking part in Iran’s controversial election says it expects to lose after many candidates were disqualified.” [link]. I would definitely not like to be living there. P.S. Apparently the two main Iranian reformist newspapers have been shut down by the government one day before the elections for publishing information on the MPs who had been blocked from standing for election. Charming.

If you have a spare 20 minuets, and are interested, have a gander at this essay, titled Validity of Law. It contains a good introduction to (and differences between) the jurisprudence concepts of natural law, legal positivism, and legal realism. Either that, or this, a critique of presidential candidate blogs.

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