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Well, I travelled down on the train to Sheffield two Tuesdays ago (the 10th). The coach journy was priced at £49 and would have taken 13 hours (fuck that shit), but a getting a young persons railcard, then a discounted super return saver came to just £48. I used to be very into using coach travel, but people change. I took a some photos on the journey down and up which can be found through the new image gallery script I put up on my site yesterday.

I met Daisy outside the Sheffield Uni student union, and sufficed to say I was very very happy to be with her again. We spent most of our time in her flat doing the sort of things lovers do; arguing (not really). Unfortunately Daisy’s computer was b0rked so we couldn’t watch the Depeche Mode One Night in Paris DVD I got her for her birthday, but we had fun listening (and dancing) to Toyah‘s greatest hits, my second present (for those who read poll results on Daisy’s journal, she liked the third present too).

I spent Thursday afternoon carrying said b0rken (and heavy) PC around Sheffield town centre but without actually finding somewhere to get it fixed (damn unhelpful uni techs). Then Daisy fainted in the street so we got a taxi home. On Friday evening, and after some very nice kebab, we went out with and some of his friends to The Bunker, a new fetish goth/industrial night in Sheffield City Hall’s massive main room. Apparently the organisers of the night neglected to tell the City Hall people there would be podium dancers and cabaret performers coming along and doing their thing until the last moment, at which point they said “not in our venue”. The music was fair enough; not that leftfield, but not too middle-of-the-road either, although the sound system and acoustics of the room detracted from the atmosphere a bit. I found it slightly disorienting to dance due to the combination of a high roof, a massive square dance space and under dance floor disco stylee lights (which apparently featured in the video for Pulp’s Disco 2000), but I managed to soldier on with my trusty glowsticks (even though they were uncomfortable to hold tight due to the fact they were hexagon shaped). I had a little chat with but unfortunately couldn’t think of much to say at the time. Afterwards, Daisy and I made our way to ‘s flat and saw briefly again before he exited. , his flatmates, Daisy and I then proceeded to get quite stoned. Then we all fell asleep. The next morning (well, afternoon) we wondered home, relaxed a little, then I packed my things and said goodbye to Daisy before getting a taxi to the train station.

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