Wireless USB

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I have a whole smorgasbord or technology links to post, but I’ll spread them over three or four posts to ease up on the linkage.

Wireless USB – this is looking like being what Bluetooth wasn’t, i.e., successful. WUSB is basically USB2 plus the absolutely amazing technology of Ultra Wideband (which Robert X. Cringely titled the potential 100 Mile-Per-Gallon Carburettor of the computer world). It does 480 Mbps up to about 4 meters and 110 Mbps up to 10 meters, with the potential for future speeds of 1 Gbps or more. Check this excellent introduction to Wireless USB (which contains some snazzy diagrams to explain the possibilities). The link rich Daily Wireless posted about this last week (“UWB/USB Group Formed“) and again today (“Wireless USB Expected Soon“).

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