The Scottish Pairlament an You

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“The Scottish Pairlament is here tae mak a difference tae yer life, whitiver ye dae an whauriver ye bide in Scotland. Makkin yer voice heard in the Scottish Pairlament”

“The Scottish Pairlament an the Scottish Executive is sindry organisations an has different roles in governin Scotland. The Scottish Pairlament is a law makkin bodie made up o aw 129 MSPs. It gies the MSPs fae aw pairties an independent MSPs scowth tae mak new laws, tak tent o the wark of the Scottish Executive, tae debate issues o importance tae Scotland an tae heeze or lat doon taxes. The Pairlament is accoontable til the fowk o Scotland.

The Scottish Executive maks policy on devolvit maitters an introduces new laws til the Scottish Pairlament. Forby, it rins ither public bodies an decides on public spendin on devolvit maitters in Scotland. The Executive is accoontable til the Pairlament an til the fowk o Scotland. The First Meenister is the heid o the Scottish Executive an is walit by the Scottish Pairlament. Syne the First Meenister wales the Scottish Meenisters”

“Issues sic as defence, employment law, genetics, immigration, international affairs, pensions an social security is kent as reservit maitters an is dealt wi by the Unitit Kingdom Pairlament in London. The Scottish Pairlament can debate reservit maitters but canna mak laws on them.”

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