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Argh, I hate my bloody teeth. Apart from the fact that I haven’t been able to chew sweet foods in the left side of my mouth for several months now, and that I’m not too keen on the look of my sticky-out-verging-on-buck front left tooth, the big tooth right at the bottom back right of my mouth has developed a rather large and jagged hole. I really must get all of this seen to quite quickly. Damn those extra crunchy hash browns in the canteen.

My flat-warming party is this evening, but I have absolutely no idea how many people are going to turn up. Stu, Andy, Jo & Richard are definites. Scott, Daz, Drew & Thomas the Goth are hopefuls. Several work colleagues are possibles. I have two hours after work in which to pick up some snacks, get home, clean up my room then have a shower. And I’m working tomorrow from 9am. Sodding weekend shifts.

I have so many links I’d like to mention, but so little internet accces. Do bear with me, and I’ll post some of them soon.

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