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“Strolling down Madison Ave yesterday, I was passed by a taxi bearing an LED ad-board. The ad displayed what has to be the most trivial instantiation of location-aware advertising possible, the kind of Phildickian gimmick we’ve been predicting for years. Drawing, no doubt, on the cab’s current GPS coordinates, cross-referenced against the advertiser’s database, the message was ‘Stop by the nearest BankBrand ATM @ 35th and Madison!'”

Mitsubishi Electric unveiled a prototype cell phone with an LCD display that can be viewed from both sides. … this could possibly affect the current trend in clamshell-type cell phones having two separate displays. Cell phones would also be thinner and cheaper

The ATI HDTV Wonder … supports Analog, Digital and High Definition Television signals, making it an extremely versatile TV Tuner Card.

And especially for ; “… researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are showing lightweight and man-portable cooling technology, leading to truly wearable air conditioners“.

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