286 calls waiting

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Guess what? No BT buisness or residential ADSL customers can access the internet this morning! Today is not going to be a slow Saturday…

P.S. I’ll start posting again soon.

P.P.S. My voice is slowly cracking up now. Someone has tied a TV ariel cable that’s dangling from the roof into a hangmans noose and attached a message “******[1] stress relief”. We’ve just been asked if we’d like to do overtime tomorrow if this problem has not been resolved, at normal rate pay – I politly declined the offer. The shared excel spreadsheet which is (temporary) being used to record who has called up has turned into a single page wiki with people leaving messages for each other when they add some info after a call. The abandoned calls (people who have hung up before getting through) number on the big electronic message board in the middle of the floor is displaying “***” as it reached it’s limit around 11am.

[1] ****** being the name of the company I work for

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