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Right, I should have updated long before this point, but here goes anyway. I think it was the weekend after Sin when I disgraced myself at Andy’s party by consuming a large amount of vodka on an empty stomach. I’d never drunken such a large amount of alcohol on any sort of stomach before and was thus unprepared for the results. Apparently I provided an evening of amusement for everyone else present (Andy, Jo, Stu, plus Stew Band who I missed as I was asleep at the time). At one point they played a nasty trick on me by saying that my 128Mb USB stick had fallen out the window. I cannot remember this event, but I’m informed that I rushed outside and scoured the pavement for 10 mins before deciding to hug a lamppost. I’d never lost my memories from being drunk before that night. I’d also never vomited from being drunk before, and never had a hangover the whole day after before. It felt absolutely shite, and I will be avoiding any alcohol for the foreseeable future in favour of much less consequential (albeit illegal) kinds of drugs. Downing several double-size shot glasses of vodka in a short period of time is bad, m’kay?

AltDundee is going very well; I’m finding it quite easy to keep up with gigs using flyers and various community/band/club sites as sources. I’ve managed to get posters for it up on the promotion boards in the centre of town (through the council) and in a few pubs around Dundee. I’ve also found the old alt.dundee theme. Monotonous and minimal, rar.

P.S. Check the Russian Gothic Page‘s mp3 section – good for sampling many different lesser-known ‘dark’ bands.

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