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ARGH! The script that copies new journal entries from my site to LiveJournal has an annoying habbit of backdating posts when one updates the entry date/time wrongly just before publishing them (from the to the date/time when the first draft of the entry was saved). This means they don’t appear on the friends page of people who list me on LJ. I posted this one about 5 days ago, but only realised it had bollockesd up when Andy mentioned it last night. So I’m posting it again with a fixed date/time. *grumbles*


Eyes weeping, throat closing off, nose running – that’s how I was feeling he night before last.

I’m down in Exeter for 10 days right now, visiting Daisy. After an 18 hour coach journey down from Dundee (which would have been just 15 had there not been nasty road works, both on the M5 and on the back roads our driver was advised to take by his HQ), whee. Yesterday afternoon, Daisy, her mother Vieanne and I went to Sidmouth to view its tall red cliffs, sea promenade, narrow streets, quaint shops, and flower garden – plus, have a good ol’ fish supper (Haddock, my favourite, or alternativly, Meat Feast pizza if you are Daisy). After all this, we dropped in on one of Vieanne’s old friends, Vera. Vera has a very large and very friendly cat called Scamper (well, I’ve been informed that he used to be able to scamper, once upon a time anyway). He was enjoying a lot of attention from everyone when all of a sudden I delevoped the above symptoms. I was more pissed off than anything else as I couldn’t keep my eyes open without it hurting, nor could I close them as that hurt too. To cut a long story short, we ended up taking a trip to a local hospital where a nice man gave me some extra antihistamines and a ventolin inhaler, both of which helped. So, there is a possibility I may be allergic to cats, which would be a fucking big bummer, but it may have been a reaction to a specific pollen I’d encountered that day. I’ll just have to see what happens in future.

Other news: I went to see Kasabian a few weeks ago with Andy, Jo and Rich. I thought I was going to be disappointed after the first two bands were just generic alt/indie/rock bollocks, but Kasabian were actually very good. Kind of Cooper Temple Clause (who they’ve supported) meets Super Furry Animals meets Happy Mondays. Or there abouts.. I joined in with the crowd close the the frong and moshed for the last song (‘Club Foot’, their current single), but it was nowhere near as good as the pit when Napalm Death played Dundee a couple of years ago.

Oh yeah, I managed to break (well, overwrite) the AltDundee calendar without having a backup of it so it’s totally fucked atm. I’ve fixed a couple of the minor bugs but the whole displaying the wrong event title thing renders it a bit useless for now. *

P.S. If you’re bored, have a listen to this.

P.P.S. A technology post to follow shortly. I’m off to cuddle a cat and see if I die.

* Has been fixed since this was posted originally.

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