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I thought I better clear out my PagesToLookAt backlog so here’s a selection of ten nifty tech links.

10 – Personal Video Players

Here’s a handy table listing loads of these doohickies and their features.

9 – Orac3 Case-mod

Orac3 is one sweet case-mod. Check out the close-ups on the later pages; they’re more like shots of some space age movie prop than of a computer.

8 – Fast Broadband in Japan

Yahoo!’s Japanese ADSL service provides 50Mbit/s downstream and 3Mbit/s upstream for just over ?20 ($38) per month. Or alternatively, if you live in a metropolitan area, you could go for a 100MBit/s fibre connection for just over ?20 per month. Nice.

7 – Transparent Concrete

I posted about this ages ago, but the stuff’s nifty so here’s a newer article about it.

6 – PS2s in TVs

Sony will be putting PlayStation 2 boards inside some of their flat-screen TV range later on this year. Kind of related to this is the new Apple iMac G5. I say kind of…

5 – Sharp’s Colour eBook

This prototype colour eBook from Sharp looks pretty nifty. Still can’t roll it though.. yet.

4 – Moving VR floor

This piece of technology promises to solve one of the major stumbling blocks of Virtual Reality – being able walking around. The user stands upon special tiles which move around in a certain way to keep them on the same spot, whichever direction they decide to head off in. This is the same principal as how a holodeck in Star Trek moves people around, but it uses force fields. Well, kind of the same.

3 – Video to animation

This article talks about software project by a few Microsoft engineers to convert digital video into an animated cartoon. If you’ve got broadband, I’d highly recommend watching the related video.

2 – Ultra-High Definition Video

What video format has has 22.2 channels of audio (10 speakers at ear level, 9 above and 3 below, 2 subs), runs at 60fps with a resolution of 7,680px by 4,320px, takes up 24 gigabits of space per second and is best viewed on a 450-inch screen? Why, UHDV of course!

1 – Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The title says it all really. No more headphone cabling, ever. I know I normally hate Bluetooth but this is a one off (the headphones can be used with Bluetooth mobile phones though). Sweet.

Links: Hardware Pacers, Gizmodo, iPodLounge.

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