Infest 2004

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So, here is my post about Infest 2004.


, , , John and I set off from Dundee around 11am. We drove down by Glasgow and Carlisle, stopping for a loo break at John’s families’ house then for a bite to eat at a service station Burger King, eventually arriving in Bradford around 5pm.

We spent a while fumbling and fiddling with the key card reader for the student halls we were to be staying in, but were getting confused as to why it wasn?t working – until it dawned upon us we were at the wrong building. The Dundee ppl plus some Glaswegians had clubbed together and booked two wings on floor C of the Trinity B student halls, the ones just up the road from the venue (the same halls I stayed in for Infest 2002). Picked a room and dumped my stuff in it. Was about to nip into the shower to freshen up when I realised I’d neglected to bring a towel, any shampoo or any conditioner. Nice one milk. The closest shop was just a convenience store that didn’t do towels – but they did do tea towels… Luckily the communal shower room door was only a few meters from my door so I could make a quick dash to safety with enough cloth to cover my nether regions. Got myself ready then headed down to the union to see whom I could see.

Found in the bar who introduced me to Gav (who has a sense of humour very similar to mine), (who I kind of knew from Underworld in Manchester) and a few other people who have ljs but whose names I’m afraid I cannot remember. Chatted for a bit then headed to check out the music. Got candy from a friend of a friend (a certain Burberry cap wearing cyber) for some Dundee peeps and myself. Unfortunately, it was shite. I’d missed Action Directe by that point, but managed to catch Ah Cama Sotz – although they were a bit too generic sounding for my liking. After them were Lights Of Euphoria, who sounded a bit like a poor mans VNV Nation, although I do like a few of the mp3s of them I?ve heard and I’d like to check out more of their studio work.

Then the fire alarm went off and the night really began. Bumped into (and friends) outside who took pity on my situation and gave me a half. We headed inside to meet and who had just managed to walk right past on the stairs down to the main venue. Chatted to people a bit, danced, felt happy. Ended the night sitting outside with getting chatted up by a certain intoxicated transvestite goth (whose name eludes me atm) who kept spitting on us, talking about Dundee then masturbation then Dundee again, and feeling Stu’s leg but apologising and saying he wasn’t hitting on him. Then we headed back to the halls for some rest. Not with the goth though, we almost started running to escape him.


On Saturday Stu and I Headed into Bradford purchase a few essentials. Like a towel. Got a nice A6 sized black leather sounder pouch for when out in a skirt or other item of clothing lacking pockets. We also picked up some 5-htp (bloody expensive stuff), plus a towel. We also had a mini adventure trying to find some cleaning spray for Stu?s rubber top (Stu: ?Do you have any rubber spray?” Uninterested looking man at the BDSM shop we spent 20 mins walking out of Badford city centre to get to: “You mean liquid latex?”. Stu: “Um? No?”.) Headed back to the halls, had a nice long shower and shave then popped down to the venue to see what was happening.

Saw a bit of Skinflick who were fairly good, if you like melodic and dark metal industrial. I can’t for the life of me remember seeing Angel Theory who were one second. Found p0rl, Gav and co in the bar upstairs, then after a while we all headed down for Combichrist (the Icon of Coil vocalist’s side project). I hadn’t really heard much Combichrist before; the name had really put me of (obscure religious references I can handle, but a band with the word ‘Christ’ in their title? Fuck right off, thank you very much), but I was highly impressed by what I heard – elements from various genres, mainly slightly diluted powernoise mixed in with simple ebmish vocals, some industrial samples plus some disco and electro styl? beats. Need to listen to more of their stuff.

Missed Plastic; was sitting outside with p0rl and Gav and could not be arsed moving. Then the fire alarm went off again and everyone inside poured out which was bad for them but good for us as we had more people to talk to. Half an hour later the crowd was allowed back in again. Saw Proyecto Mirage – wow, talk about energetic! Pounding repetitive beats and noise with shouty female vocals (via a megaphone). Had a good dance. Several false track endings later and I was absolutely exhausted and soaking with sweat. Can’t really remember what happened between them and Suicide Commando, probably went outside again.

Suicide Commando were fair enough; didn’t blow my socks off but they played a few good tunes. Danced a bit again to the DJs, was happy once more. After everything has finished, Gav, me, , , and headed up to and ‘s hall’s communal kitchen where we chilled to the sound of silence and didn?t eat the Dairy Lee triangles we found in the fridge. Oh yeah, on the way up this car slowed down beside us with some pillock leaning out of the passenger window who shouted “Ay up goths!” at us, just before the car sped away again. Good times. After a bit we headed to Talbot Hall C for a party. I had a couple of puffs of something that was going around the group and felt totally zonked. Left (staggered out) at some point after 5am, just after p0rl and Gav headed off, went straight to my room to crash.


Woke up around 3pmish when p0rl called me wondering why I was still in bed. Note: buy some base next year. Had a quick shower, got dressed then headed down to the union where I met p0rl, Gav, Kas et al in the upstairs bar. Had missed Silence is Sexy due to having a good sleep. They were the only band I regret having missed as I heard good things about them from people afterwards. Headed down to watch Mono No Aware. Hadn’t heard anything by him before, but as soon as the music started I was lovin? it. Cracked open some glowsticks and had one of the more enjoyable dances of my Infest weekend. Apparently took a video of me and some other girl dancing with glowsticks, will need to get a copy of that.

Can’t remember what I did between Mono No Aware and Spetsnaz, probably just wandered around the stalls for a bit. Spetsnaz were.. the same but.. different. They were just one guy singing and one guy on electric drums (who must have had a crap monitor mix as he was out of time for a lot of the set) with all the rest of the music on backing tape. I don’t know if it was for production reasons or technical limitations, but almost none of the songs they played had intros or outros, which was weird as there was an element of surprise as to when a song was going to end.

Wandered around downstairs and outside for a bit then ended up on the dance floor dancing to powernoise in a Big Circle with lots of cybers and cybergoths. Converter was pretty amazing (excluding the few technical glitches at the beginning of the set). Had really good dance again (alongside Gav, directly in front of the right hand speaker), probably my second favourite of the weekend between Mono No Aware and Proyecto Mirage. Then it was Assemblage 23, last band of the weekend. Unfortunately (IMO) they’re were a bit shit live. Definitely a studio band as you can hear the details which make a track but that are lost when coming through a deafening PA system. They played some classics and several new tracks from their new album Storm (which I quite like). Finished the night by having a good ol’ dance on both the main and secondary dance floors waiting for everything to end. Dragged myself back to the halls. Couldn’t hear or see any parties in any of the kitchens so I headed to bed.


, , , John and I set off for Dundee around 11am. We arrived around 5ish. Then I went home to sleep. Then I spent the next 6 weeks writing this post.

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