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I may be getting a computer soon for my 21st (November 2nd, same birth date as ); I’ll not go into details, but it would be nice to have a greater online presence, to be able to make regular updates here, work on sites online and look into creating music. I should try and organise something for my birthday but I’m not sure if my flat is in a fit state for a party atm (but we’ll see).

Oh yeah, I managed to delete my last blog entry by accident, which I was pissed off at.

I’ve probably forgotten to mention something in this post that I’ll later regret forgetting to mention but such is my memory.

P.S. Whenever I find net access I mostly listen to archives of Distorted Circuitry, an industrial/powernoise/breaks/harsh alternative electronic show. If you’re looking for something to listen to, give it a try. If only there was somewhere in Dundee that played shit like this. Either that or Mike Oldfield and Jpop/anime theme music.

P.P.S. Oh, I better add this; I’m thinking of making AltDundee into a club night only site as there’s been hardly and input from other Dundee folks regarding gigs. But to get it functional for solely club nights I’ll need to get event repetition working – there’s a yearly repetition so I’ll probably try and hack together some code for weekly and monthly repetition (the source is PHP). I’ll also need to package the source neatly for distribution in case anyone else is looking for an event listing/content management system – all hail open source software!

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