I’m 21 today

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A couple of things to mention. It’s my 21st (and ‘s 18th) today. I got a card signed by all my team at work and money from relatives (who I will of course be phoning soon to thank), but my computer has not arrived (bloody Dell). If anyone is interested, I’ll probably be in The Balcony in a couple of hours. I might do something this weekend, i.e., go to cage and get uncharacteristically drunk and dance to Nu-metal (a secret pleasure of mine; it has crunchiness [or ?texture? if you prefer] and a fair bit of melody, just like EBM. Kind of). Also, I’ve broken up with Daisy. We basically had different ideas of what kind of relationship we were wanting from each other. Real-life events brought this dissimilarity to light and it all just came crashing down. I?d like to remain friends with her but I think she hates my guts for being an emotional cripple and not expressing what I wanted sooner thus making the break even harder.

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