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Ugh indeed. Was ’round at and ‘s last night for a bit of a party. Also present were , , , , Brek (who needs to get a blog) and . Got rather wasted and thus cannot remember most of the latter part of the evening, but I’m sure it was all good fun. Trudged into the city centre this morning; the bastards at the council tax office cannot change my direct debit from the 1st of the month. My rent goes out the same day, which is a right bitch. My options are either some tight money management (haha, right), or just cancelling the direct debit and paying by cash again (that is, whenever I can scrape enough together). Fucking money.

Yes, I have a computer now. It’s a Dell, 2.8Ghz Intel, 512MB DDR, 160Gb HDD, DVD+RW, no floppy drive (I have my 128Mb USB key-fob to compensate), and…. no graphics card. Yes, that?s “no graphics card”. Due to a mix-up with the order (long story, doesn’t really matter anyway), the graphics are onboard (Intel Extreme). I?ve been looking at upgrades; specifically at the nVIDIA GeForce 6600/6800GT 256Mb AGP cards ? will have to see what cash I can save up though.

I?ve almost completed Halo and will be starting on Doom 3 next (although I might decide to complete Doom and Doom 2 first ? I like doing things in order like that, probably just mild ocd). I’ve finally cancelled my contact lenses; I just couldn’t be arsed putting up with the faff involved with using them everyday. I’ve also got a BT phone line into my flat, but Sods law – there is a fault on the line and I don?t get a dial tone. BT wants to get an engineer out to resolve the problem but I only get home after 5pm weekdays so I?ll have to see what I can work out.. Once this gets sorted I’ll be ordering broadband, probably through Zen. Then I’ll be a bit happier.

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