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Went out to a leaving do for one of the managers where I work. Unfortunately some major service problem hit the BT network (unsurprising) and the call level increased so he couldn’t get away (yeah, I work in a call centre if you didn’t know or couldn’t guess). But it was still an interesting and enjoyable experience to socialise with workmates outside of the work environment, something I’ve not really done before. I don’t usually go out to things like this so I decided to blog it in case you’re wondering why I’ve bothered to write it up.

A group of about 10 of us went to a couple of bars then headed to Fat Sams, one of Dundee’s larger commercial clubs (well, one of two moderately sized clubs), where the third floor was open for the first time so it was pretty packed. Everyone got drunk and danced a lot, whee. We stayed on the second for the majority of the evening and I was pleased to hear the DJ play some good popular electronic stuff like Faithless, Daft Punk, etc. I really should start work on AltDundee again. Then I could make a habit of visiting more of the smaller nights around Dundee and writing about them. Kill two birds with one stone and all that.

Many blue moons ago the second floor of Fat Sams was home to Dundee’s best alternative night, Kerosene, but new management decided it didn’t attract the right kind of crowd and axed it. Gits. It was a bit of a Nostalgia trip as I walked around the venue for the first time in years. I turned 18 while in Kerosene, although I didn’t have any proper friends in Dundee at that time to celebrate with. It opened my ears to genres of music that were still fresh and new to me then, and I also met many of my current friends either there or through meeting friends of Kerosene friends. It’s also where I first saw Daisy from afar and fell under her spell, although I didn’t actually speak to her until about a year later at the last ever Floodlight (‘s Dundee Goth/Industrial night) when I plucked up enough Bacardy and orange juice fuelled courage to speak to her.


Anyway. After closing time I headed up to and ‘s flat where they and were already fairly fucked. Sorry to for not turning up earlier as thought I would be, I wasn’t entirely sure what was happening after the works thing, but I came in the end, even though you’d passed out by then :). At 5am I headed back to mine to get some sleep as I knew Saturday was going to be a busy day.


I dragged myself out of bed at 10am and tiredly packed a few things for my trip to Edinburgh. Saturdays for me have become synonymous with trying to sort my Council Tax out. This week saw me cancelling my Direct Debit (see previous post) but also being informed by an advisor that I can arrange the money to come out of my bank account on any day of the month, or even weekly. You’d fucking think that staff working in a council tax office advising the general public on their rights when it comes to payment options would have a modicum of knowledge about the only fucking subject they deal with fucking day in, day out, and not spout out shit to people who are trying to arrange their battered financial lives, making them stress needlessly about not being able to keep on top of things. Gah.

Purchased some glow sticks and headed over the Tay to my parents to make use of their shower (shaving body hair in a bath is a god damn nightmare). Ordered a ticket for the Megabus; £4.50 on the same day of travel, not bad, but I hadn’t used the service before and was worried the bus would be a rickety old double-decker and that I’d have to curl into a ball on an uncomfortable seat to conserve heat else freeze. Got back to Dundee with plenty of time to spare so I picked up Snorelax (I would have felt guilty leaving him behind) and a couple of other essentials from my flat before heading to the Megabus stop (hehehe; mega bus stop *chuckles*). I was happy to find the Megabus wasn’t anything like I’d feared; ’twas actually a rather pleasant experience. The bus was fairly new and clean, had comfortable seats with arguably more legroom than my old favourite mode of long distance public transport, the National Express, and was also nice and cosy despite the temperature of the night outside.

Got into Edinburgh just before 9pm and met up with who lead me to a cosy little pub where I met , and a few others who were also heading along to The Nightmare A’fore Christmas. After a few drinks then a change of clothes in the toilets we headed off on a brisk walk to a bad dream. I can’t be bothered writing up the entirety of the night but I had lots of (sober, pah) fun dancing to DeathBoy, Je$us Loves America and the DJs, and meeting and chatting with several peeps including , , & .

All in all, I had a great time. I’d really love to get out to Edinburgh and Glasgow more often, both for the music and for the nice people. I just wish I could afford it.


On Sunday afternoon I met up with my Auntie Catherine and wandered with her around Edinburgh’s Ikea for my 21st birthday present. She’s always fun to spend time and chat with as she’s young at heart and much more on my level than any other member of my family. Saying that, things have been getting better between my parents and my sister and I since I don’t live with them anymore. Anyway, I got a new coffee table, two new side tables (at £6 each!), two lamps, a laundry basket and other miscellaneous items, all of which we just managed to squish into her car. As a result I now have something to eat meals on in my lounge instead of having to balance plates of food on my lap, and I no longer have my speakers sitting on top of plastic storage crates from Homebase (which were starting to buckle under the weight). Which is nice. I’ll get pics up at some point because I’m the kind of person that likes a record of The Way Things Were for the future.

That’s everything for now. Bai!

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