The Obligatory Xmas and New Years Entry

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Christmas for me started with my work’s xmas do which was held in the conference room at the recently built, vaguely post-modern looking, expensive-to-stay-in Apex Hotel near the Tay Road Bridge. Everything was free, including a champagne reception, three-course meal and a DJ. My colleagues and I were surprised; why the hell are they lavishing us with these treats when they treat us like shit at work? Then it dawned upon us that they probably hadn’t put much effort into the night, seeing as it was a Sunday (i.e., they got the room on the cheap), the “champagne” seemed to run out after 30 mins, and everyone agreed that the turkey was tasteless, the ‘block’ of potato was undercooked, the stuffing was more like a burger than stuffing, and the DJs taste in music was questionable.

The next Christmas do was at and ‘s place. Loads of peeps turned up (I can’t be bothered listing them all 🙂 which was cool, and we were served with a proper meal complete with turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, etc. Very delish; top marks to Stu and Teresa 🙂

I finally started feeling in the holiday mood on Christmas Eve – my last day of work until January the fourth. It snowed beautiful two-inch wide flakes for several hours in the afternoon and we hardly took any calls – everyone was happy and smiley, all good fun, that last day of school feeling again. Spent Christmas Eve night at my parents so we could do our traditional thing of dragging ourselves out of bed at 11am to open presents together. I received a nifty little Creative Zen Micro mp3 player which has since come in handy for my early morning trips to work. The only downside with it is that I have to try really, really hard to stop myself from subconsciously dancing when walking down the street or waiting for a bus.

Usually we have a thing with our mum’s family on the day itself, then a thing with my dads family on boxing day, but this year we made a break with tradition (shock horror) and visited my Dad’s sister on The Day, then went to my Dad’s brothers on the Sunday for a big do. My aunt and uncle currently reside in a farm in the middle of no-where that was converted into holiday housing for some American family a few years back which they currently rent. My cousin also lives there in an open plan converted barn that has stone floors, a massive roof, leather sofas, a pool table (a sort of family heirloom 🙂 and one of the biggest open fires I’ve seen in years. Wow, what a pad. So simple, almost minimal, but so homely. Good times were had, drunken karaoke was sung, recordings of said karaoke were made on afore mentioned mp3 players and replayed at breakfast the next morning for all to cringe at.

This New Years party was at ‘s flat with a load of Dundee friends which was great fun, especially as Rich’s flat is fairly small and almost 20 people turned up so it was a cosy affair. I got merry on Cherry Lambrini and Bucks Fizz (my new favourite alcopop tipples), had my hair straightened by and her lovely assistant Kashfa (a.k.a. puke girl – long story). Everyone piled outside for the bells, hugged and kissed, then piled back in again to party for a few more hours. Mental note; have a party at mine soon, they’re good fun.

That’s about it, don’t think I’ve missed anything important out, but it has taken me a month to finish this damn post. Later.

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