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I have a set routine of things I usually when I get online. On connecting I open Thunderbird (e-mail client) and JAJC (Jabber client) from my USB memory stick, receive and check mail, access lj, reply to any comments on my journal, read my friends page, reply to posts on my friends page and bookmark any interesting sounding links viewing later. I’ve the JabRSS bot set to send me the headlines from around 15 sites so if I have enough time I’ll check through those, opening whatever pages sound interesting. If interesting enough I’ll bookmark them in a local text file (or on my wiki if I’m out and about). If I’m planning to be online for a fair bit, I’ll open up mIRC (on my USB stick too, natch) and connect to irc.fef.net for #lexx ( – chanserv has forgotten #lexxuk again :p ), www.netgoth.org.uk for #uk_goffs (using www as a subdomain for an irc server irks me, thought I’d just mention that), irc.freenode.net for #litestep, #lsdev, #e107, #livejournal and #wordpress, and irc.phasenet.co.uk for #audioscrobbler. IRC is great for finding interesting and random sites/images/etc too. It’s also great for talking to other people too 😉 . While connected I may use CDex (with uk.freedb.org) to rip any cds I have to flac format (Free Lossless Audio Compression; basically they’re smaller than wavs, bigger than mp3s but loose no sound quality from the original CD version – one can burn cds from flac files that are indistinguishable from the original data content wise) but I don’t download any music atm because I’m currently just on pay-as-you-go dial-up. All of the main sites I check manually are listed on milkmiruku.com.

I’m also working on a few projects and things I need to do online atm – here are those I can remember: I need to try and see if there is a better plug-in for Winamp’s handling of flac files, especially using the media library as using the ml’s multifile edit function seems to only change the ml’s own information for each track, rather than the track itself. This also means that when I directly edit a flac file’s tags I have to fully remove it from the ml’s memory and rescan my watch folders for ml to see the updates. Bah. Oh yeah, and I need to get a plug-in for WordPress to convert lj tags into the correct image/link as WP doesn’t do this by default. I’m pretty much content with my homepage atm after a coding binge the other night working on a php script to both link to the latest image in my /images/gfx/desktop folder (my current background image is by Marc Craste, taken from the British Animation Awards site, thanks !) and display the time the text file which contains my current music text was last modified (it’s meant to say when there is no music, but it only works when you click stop on Winamp). Something I’ll need to do is hack the server side currently playing script and rip out a large chunk of code for parsing the song title as I have Winamp’s title formatting set to “[%artist% — ][%album% — ]$if2(%title%,$filepart(%filename%))” which basically translates as “Razed In Black — Damaged (Disc 2) — Blush V2”, but the currently playing script tries to be clever and whenever It sees a hyphen in the track or artist it thinks that it is the proper track/artist separator and malforms the info when displaying it.

I probably need to do some mIRC scripting again soon but I can’t think of anything required there atm. I recently converted to Fire Fox after discovering Internet Explorer incorrectly displays some of the tables on audioscrobbler.com (the last straw!!) and I need to look into extensions for that to see what other nifty things It can me made to do. Other projects I’d like to get working include having a go ar running a local DNS server (probably bind) and an apache web server with php for testing scripts without having to upload them first. I’d like to look into linux and/or BSD at some point or maybe some niche OS like BeOS or QNX.

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P.S I am so gonna play Enya at the Dundee electronic night , and I are planning, that is if we get it beyond the planning stages. I’ve not mentioned it here before, but I’ll probably post something once we get past the ‘talking about it’ stage.

P.P.S. Wow, Febreze really works!

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