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  • Scientists believe they’ve figured out where all that elusive dark matter is hiding – link
  • Documents ordered released by a judge reveal the truth about the dark side of KaZaa – link
  • A history of Microsoft’s Windows PowerToys by Raymond Chen, author of the most of the original set of programs in the set – link
    • and here’s the current Windows XP PowerToys set – link
  • Tips on tweaking your computers performance for making music – link
  • How Cory Doctorow learned to stop worrying and love the smartphone – link
  • Someone has decided to put a PC in a Mac mini case – link
  • The hype about this product has been around for a couple of years now – check out this review of the virtual keyboard; looks and sounds amazing – link
  • Wondering about running Linux from a CD? Check this review of 18 LiveCD distros – link
  • “The Free Standards Group has decided to move away from a single, core Linux Standards Base specification, and is instead going to break this down into different modules that can be combined to give a server or desktop LSB” – kind of sounds like the way the Jabber IM protocol has separate JEPs describing different functions – link
  • Merlin’s Lists of 5 Things – if you’ve got some time, have a browse through these kooky personal lists – link
  • An interesting article on the top brands of 2004, voted for by the public – link

P.S. An interesting sounding sci-fi story I haven’t actually read yet but thought I’d pop a link to in this post – link

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