I’m ill

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Ugh. Decided to come home from work early today as I am feeling a tad shit. I’m aching all over, my nose is doing that hot/cold air thingy and my stomach is all wobbly; I’m probably coming down with something nasty. I’m just about to make some nice hot tomato soup and have a mug of hot chocolate then I’m off to bed. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better this evening as is meant to be coming round to drop off a few CDs and to give me a few tips on using Buzz.

P.S. I’ve discovered a shit hot ftp client for windows – NetTransport. It’s interface (minimal but with a great download queue screen) and features (including multi-thread downloading, automatic resume, ftp/ftp over ssl/sftp/http/https/etc) are mainly suited for downloading. I still prefer Terrapin FTP‘s simple but intuitive interface, but it absolutely hogs my CPU time – enough to make Winamp hang or crash when changing tracks. Which is pretty shit really.

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