Sickness, Buzz and Broadband

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Well, I thought I felt better on Tuesday evening but as soon as I tried to get to sleep I started feeling feverish, yo-yoing between hot and cold and on several occasions thinking that morning had come although it was still only 3 in the morning (like some kind of mini Groundhog Day loop). Now, because I’m technically still on a temporary contract where I work, if I had phoned in and taken a sick day off of work I would have been put in for an investigation as I’ve already taken three sickies the last six months, so I dragged myself out of bed, got to work, sat there shivering for a couple of hours before I decided ‘sod it’ and told my manager I was to ill to stay. Spent the rest of the day tucked up in bed recovering and catching up on much needed sleep. Anyway, I feel right as rain now.

came ’round this evening and showed me some of the intricacies of using Buzz. Wow, easy but powerful stuff if you know what to do. The fairly minimal interface got me at first but a bit of explanation from a master has made several things click in my head, so I’ll probably be spending most of tomorrow (which I’ve got off as paid holiday) messing around to see what I can come up with.

Also, I just heard the news today that BT is upgrading all BT Yahoo! and BT Business Broadband accounts to 2 meg. There was a briefing about the BT Yahoo change a few days back but I don’t read those, and the Business division change was just made public today. Even though BT provide a really shit service, hopefully this will force other providers to start providing the same minimum speed. ATM the top BT Wholesale based account speed is 2 meg, but as cable providers and alternative ADSL wholesale providers are starting to supply 4 and 8 meg downstream connections this should force them to wise up and up their packages as well. Things are beginning to look good for broadband in the UK! Whee!

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