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On Saturday evening I headed to the “ex-Cotton Club” (apparently it’s got licensing for the occasional gig) to see a Stet gig featuring Kode9 (Rephlex/Hyperdub) & Daddi Gee at Stet. They played fairly late on in the night, mainly due to the fact that there was literally no-one there for the first two and a half hours except me. And it was damn cold! I froze my arse off having checked my coat into the cloakroom right at the start. Had to dance wearing my scarf to keep warm. Eventually around 40 or so other people arrived and things started to heat up in more than once sense. Kode9’s music was Grime/Dubstep, which as far as I can tell equates to a mix of Two-Step & Jungle with some of the brokenness of IDM (i.e., kind of dirty/droney/catchy electronic) with some poetic/spoken-word lyricism from Daddi Gee. After they’d finished, the Stet DJs played some enjoyable funky electro shit. Needless to say, Stet101 has made my list of events I can’t miss.

Afterwards I made my way through snow showers to ‘s for his birthday party. Peeps there included (natch ;), , , , , , some of Neal’s work friends and later on . Due to the gig being later than expected I turned up just after 3am (after spending 15 mins outside in the cold and snow pressing the buzzer until someone on the bottom floor who was still awake poked their head out the window and let me – sort yer buzzer Neal!) although the partying seemed to be going strong. As soon as I sat down I recognised the voice of the person next to me as being that of Brian who was a couple of years above me at secondary school. I introduced myself and he remembered me. Then Teresa walked past and called me Milky which made him realise I was . Then he mentioned he was on LJ, and it was like two parts of a big jigsaw puzzle had just joined up in my head. Damn small world. And he’s an audio engineer too. Had a fun time chatting and arguing, then headed off with Chris around 6ish before going to bed and sleeping a lot.

P.S. Why does this piece of shit WordPress script keep posting to LiveJournal when I’ve not hit publish, then not post to LiveJournal when I do?!

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