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Woo, I passed the interview to get a permanent contract where I work (on the second try). My pay will be going up from £6.15 to £6.51 an hour and I’ll get paid monthly rather than weekly which will be good for budgeting (no more worrying about carrying a certain amount of money over to the next week or the week after for rent/council tax). Plus I’ll now get paid sick leave and apparently it also makes me a lot harder to fire, both of which are nice.

All the artists for Infest have been confirmed now – check the site for the full list. I’m mainly looking forward to Covenant and Blutengel, although I’m sure I’ll enjoy seeing/listening/dancing to the vast majority of the artists as I have the previous years I’ve been. Will need to get tickets and book a room in the halls, though there’s a notice on the Infest site stating “You are required to bring your own bedding as BEDDING WILL NOT BE PROVIDED”. Like, wtf? Mental note: purchase glowsticks and drugs well in advance this year. I’m also considering Dark City as it’s close and the line-up sounds cool too; I’d be silly not to go 🙂

Earlier this evening I decided to go to the Dundee Goth group event (not that I’m a Goth or anything like that). No-one else turned up, which was a bit shit. God damn Goths. But seems like a nifty tool, and because I’m interested in the link between online social networks and real-life socialising I’ve decided to be come the maintainer of the Dundee LiveJournaler group. So, if you’re in (or close to) Dundee and you have a LiveJournal, please join up! The group will meet on a monthly basis at some pub or suitable venue, and we can use for discussion (as’s forums sucks).

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