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Daisy has apparently said something charming enough about me in a friends only post to have made unfriend both her and me. What’s interesting is that she hasn’t spoken to me since last November when I tried calling her and she refused to say where she was after I’d come home from work to discover she’d disappeared. The only time I’ve communicated with her was when I mailed her 11 days ago regarding the fact that I would have to temporarily stop the £40 a week standing order I’d set-up last year to pay of my debt to her (living cots for a year, etc) as it was working out at around 1/5 of my pay after tax and that I’d basically run out of money (and e-mail to which she hasn’t replied). I was foolish to set it so high in the first place, but rent before I moved to my current flat was only £150 a month and all the bills were shared, and after Daisy and I had broken up, and I had realised how excessive it was, I just couldn’t think about having to talk to her about a ‘silly’ financial issue after the brake-up we’d had without totally locking up.

Right now I’m over the limit of my overdraft after my bank decided on Tuesday to charge me £30 plus interest for going over when my rent came out on the first of the month, thus putting me over my limit again! Needless to say, the bus drivers on Wednesday morning and yesterday morning/afternoon were not that amused when I had to pay my fare of £1.10 in 1p and 2ps (lunch? who needs lunch? not me.. no really…). Although I mentioned about getting a permanent contract and a pay rise a couple of posts ago, I haven’t actually signed the contract yet as it’s still being processed, and a side effect of changing from weekly to monthly is the fact that if it went through next week, I wouldn’t get paid again until the 1st of April, so when it does go through I’m going to be royally screwed.

But is that the issue that Daisy posted about that caused an argument between her and so weird enough in nature that he decided to unfriend me without me saying anything at all or even knowing it was happening? I can think of no other reason. I was going to post about my financial situation in some form or another anyway, but I’m FUCKING FURIOUS so I might as well let it out now.

P.S. (who I met through Daisy and had a very enjoyable time at a David Sylvian concert with) unfriended me yesterday evening, so I guess she’s done her usual arm-twisting I-don’t-like-that-person-so-how-can-you-logically-justify-having-them-friended? thing. Granted, I had a few right twats on my LJ friends list when I met her, so she had some reason to be narked with me, but that’s another story. She hasn’t replied to an e-mail asking what she said to make Thomas unfriend me, and I’m also banned from commenting on her journal even though I haven’t tried to since we split. And no, she doesn’t need the money; she’s just been to Camden Market and bought a new pair of boots and a skirt and has a 1 meg broadband connection, where as I have to borrow money from friends to keep my electricity going.

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