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I grudgingly get out of bed this morning, traipse my way into work, plunk my stuff onto a desk in my team bay and go check my break times. Hmm, the sheet says I have paid leave today. That can’t be right; I have paid leave on Friday this week. Oh.. that’s next week. Bugger. Anyway, I’m away to bounce my way home. I’m wondering what I should do with the day, seeing that it’s not even 9am yet and feel I should make something of it. I’ll probably pop into the DCA on my way home. Any other suggestions?

Update: I went to the DCA but there wasn’t an exhibition on. So I went shopping! In Fopp I got a cheapo £3 synthpop/new wave compilation titled “Dawn Of Electronica” (tracklist, review) plus a copy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau‘s The Social Contract (also £3) which I’ve been wanting to read for a while now. Currently I’m working through Thomas More‘s Utopia. Then I went to Virgin and got “Modern Art, The Best Of John Foxx” (tracklist, review), on which music the music goes from raw yet powerful synthpop to new wave, then to new age and finishing off by returning to a more minimal sound with the electro hit Nightlife of a few years ago. And his lyrics are very good too 🙂

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