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I’m feeling too lethargic atm to do a proper post, so here’s a quick round up of some things I’ve done recently.

Wednesday 23rd Feb: Went to Drouthy Neebors with to see the first Trans-Avant Electronic Collective gig of this year featuring Kill Science Now and BOX. To cut a long story short, the music of both was loud droning & distorted noise with some samples/loops thrown in for good measure. I really gotta buy some earplugs before the next T-A.E.C gig.

Friday 25th Feb: Went to a leaving do for a workmate then onto SiN. Listened to music, danced with glowsticks, had general fun. Spoke to properly for the first time. DJ Matt played Ulrich Schnauss’s ‘Clear Day’ for me! Matt; if you’re reading this, get an LJ :p

Saturday 26th Feb: Went ’round to to help with her with a computer problem then watched Short Circuit with her and . Headed to Cage afterwards where I got tipsy on a pint of snakebite and black that tricked me into drinking (honestly she did!). I really need to invest in getting inebriated at Cage to make it more bearable.

28th – 11th: Worked away as usual, not much else. Dum de dum.

Friday 11th Mar: Was expecting to do something enjoyable after a dull week. Ended up doing fuck all, getting more and more bored as the night went on. Felt I pissed a good friend off, not happy with myself about that. Went to bed at 6am after spending 8 hours alternating between hitting refresh on LJ and other news/blog sites and fixing my id3 tags.

Saturday 12th Mar: Up at 1pm. Went a wandering ’round Dundee city centre with and . Discovered the location DJ Matt gets his glowstick bangles from (the ?1 shop in the Wellgate). Later on I went to Cage as per usual. Some girl interrupted me while I was dancing and asked if I could teach her some moves, then proceeded to buy me a vodka and coke and tried to talk to me about music she liked. “My god” I thought, “she’s trying to pull me.” although she eventually backed off after I refused to hold her hand when we went back to the dance floor and I left her speaking to DJ Doug about something whilst I returned to sit by everyone else I knew. Simply put, I’m not interested in being with ‘just anyone’ right now. The Night on a whole was pretty shit. In hindsight I realise I can be too extroverted online and too introverted in real-life for my own good. Must work on that whilst taking a step back and lettings things occur in their own time. Afterwards I got a lift home from and her mum (who seemed great fun :).

Sunday 13th Mar: Upgraded from Firefox 1.0+ to 1.0.1. Managed to loose my extensions after following the manual install instructions (as the automatic update didn’t work) which was a bit annoying. Really need to setup a good rss feed aggregator, look into using for saving interesting links to and start tagging my entries.

P.S. A great pic of 🙂

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