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I have been ill and I plan to post something about what I’ve been doing these last few weeks, but for now I’m going to post something about upcoming.org.

To cut a long story short I’ll copy and paste the bumph from the site itself. “Upcoming.org is a collaborative event calendar, completely driven by people like you. Enter in the events you’re attending, comment on events entered by others, and syndicate event listings to your own weblog. As Upcoming.org learns more about the events you enjoy, it will suggest new events you never would have heard about.” So far the features include the following; anyone can register an account, add events, set ones self as either attending or just watching a particular event, tag events, search events, syndicate one’s events and add friends (their events appear on your userinfo page). Upcoming.org is still being developed. Only recently was tagging enabled, and there’s also an REST based API being developed. Searching is also a bit icky atm with users having to be logged in to search their local areas but hopefully this and other nifty features will be added at some point soon. I plan to use upcoming.org as the backend for AltDundee at some point when I get DSL/my arse in gear. I also plan to do a bit of scripting for my home page to display a list of my upcoming events plus other things like the top 5 or so Audioscrobbler weekly artists or tracks (once they provide the rss to do this) and my del.icio.us links – that is once I get DSL and actually start using del.icio.us more 😉

So, on that note, who’s going to Autechre (Glasgow on the 15th), Mortiis (The Reading Rooms in Dundee on the 28th), Dark City (Edinburgh, the last weekend of this month) and/or good ol’ Infest (Bradford this August)?

Update: Bah, this post shouldn’t have gone live, but the LiveJournal crosspost script I use with WordPress 1.5 was made for WordPress 1.2 and fucks up all the time. Only change is the addition of the last paragraph.

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