Top Ten Weird Tech Links

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I first wrote this entry last September after I posted that, but it’s just been languashing in my drafts queue ever since. The links are kinda old but interesting anyway.

  • Would you trust an automatic penis circumcision machine? – link
  • A rather massive hard disk drive from the 70s – link
  • Order pizza from a command line, yummy – link
  • It’s a block of wood, but it’s also a clock! – link
  • Teeny weeny nuclear batteries – link
  • The first ever portable Mac – link
  • Robotic wheels that move by changing shape – link
  • A Webcam with clothes and a hat – link

P.S. Two of the links I had died so here’s a couple of new ones:

  • USB controlled disco dancefloor – link
  • A wristwatch that uses e-paper – link

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