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I’m getting a ticket for Autechre this Friday! The site pointed me towards says I can just pick the ticket up at the venue which is perfect. Now I just need to get some glowsticks and I’ll be sorted…

Those gits at have started charging event organisers $19 a month for the pleasure of using the site. I mean, fair enough, it’s their site, but I simply can’t afford that so bye bye goes any chance of a proper Dundee LiveJournalers meetup. could be good as an alternative but the interface is kind of confusing atm and it’s lacking in social networking features that would make it so much more fun to use (although there’s several cool sounding things on the site’s todo list). pc3media mentions evdb which seems nice and home-grown like and is something I’ll have to look at later on, plus evite, which just seems to be plastered with ads. Anyway, the only thing I’m missing now is a good calendar app. Come on you Mozilla Sunbird devs, get coding!

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