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RIAA goes after file-sharing on Internet2 – Getting in there early I see. “Researchers at Internet2 once demonstrated they can download a DVD-quality copy of the popular movie “The Matrix” in 30 seconds over their network, a feat they said would take roughly 25 hours over the Internet.” Man that sounds like fun.

What’s next after WiMAX? – “It seems that plain vanilla fixed 802.16d (now renamed 802.16-2004) has been deemed wanting by some vendors. They are adding special sauce to provide value added services like voice. Another contingent wants ‘pre 802.16e’. And then there’s MIMO and beamforming..”

No Encryption for RF-ID Passport – What a bunch of eedjits. “This will enable identity theft and put Americans at some risk when they travel internationally.”

“My auto condom fitter guarantees nothing more than a brief second’s pause in the action, with a bit of practice the man’s partner probably won’t even notice that he had reached over and used his trusty auto condom fitter.” I’d buy that for a dollar!

Lets all mock CowboyNeal of Slashdot for totally goofing this news posting up.

Anyone use WordPress 1.5 and hate the Dashboard? – “I got tired of the fat, resource-hogging DashBoard shipped with WordPress 1.5. It gets feed from God-knows-how-many WordPress blogs for no good reason and without my (or your) consent. … So I hacked the code, trimmed it of all fat and made it look lean and mean on an Atkins diet.”

P.S. Looking for any old rope?

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