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So I went through to Glasgow three Fridays ago with , and DJ Matt to see Autechre play at the Glasgow School of Art. I’m not going to do a full write-up, although if you have time I’d recommend reading John’s review. The music was top notch, from both Autechre and the DJs before and after. I love Autechre’s unique yet varied style and had a great time dancing away to their funky bleeps and clicks which seemed to get more and more intense as the set went on. I wish I’d listened to their new album before-hand so I could’ve appreciated the ‘live’ aspect of the gig more, how they mixed different tracks and sounds together, etc. Saying that, I really need to listen to more of their stuff in general. The main downside to the gig was the venue. It was too small for the crowd that turned out which was extremely annoying as I was looking forward to a good dance, plus it was too damn dark; only a few small lights at the side of the hall provided illumination (although I used my glowsticks to make my away around without tripping over raised floors and other obstacles), and I was rather surprised there were no visuals to go along with the music. But overall it was very much worth it 🙂

For the whole of the next week I was up in Alness receiving training for BT Business Broadband’s Ethernet based products. Work put Andy (a colleague from the Dundee call centre) and I up in the luxurious Kincraig House Hotel. My room was rather large had a four poster bed (that was my room in the pic) and a en-suite bathroom which was compatible in size to that of my living room. When we came down for our evening meal on the first night it was quite surreal, like some kind of weird scene from Monarch of the Glen where the lower class ruffians from the lowlands gatecrash the highland estate. We sat, feeling rather underdressed, in big leather chairs reading over the dinner menu next to a roaring log fire in the hotel’s massive wood panelled lobby. In the background, tranquil celtic sounding harp music (think Braveheart soundtrack) played away as an elderly English gentleman in tweed sitting near us described loudly and in great detail his trip that day visiting some touristy attraction (most likely a whiskey distillery, those are kinda popular for tourists) to one of the senior members of staff. “This is just too weird” I thought later on as I tucked into the sirloin steak the company was paying for. Several times throughout the week I just couldn’t help but burst out into fits of giggling or laughing my ass off; I guess I’m just not used to the perks of big business. Anyway, I now know how to do various things with the 2Wire IG1800 router, and have gained a wider knowledge of practical computer networking and the various underlying principles involved which is nice. Now I just need to try setting up a network for real?

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