The Apple Sudden Motion Sensor

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“Apple added a feature called Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS) to the PowerBook line in early 2005. The sensor attempts to prevent data loss by parking the heads of an active disk drive after detecting a “sudden motion”, which could be due to strong vibrations or a fall.” – link

“I had also mentioned other ways in which the AMS could be employed, such as for scrolling in applications and for input in video games. The latter was constantly brought up in the feedback I received from “the Internet”. Apparently many owners of AMS-equipped PowerBooks wish to experience physical motion-based gaming.” – link

“Laptop bag designer Edgar Matias announced today that his company has licensed Apple’s Sudden Motion Sensor technology for use in a new line of bags for PowerBook and iBook portable computers. … The new models in Matias’s Laptop Armor/Inflatable line of bags includes a similar sensor chip. When the sensor detects that the wearer is toppling (backward, forward, or to either side) due to the weight of the bag’s contents, self-inflating balloons deploy around the bag to add further protection to the laptop and the person; balloons in the forward-facing backpack straps provide protection in the event of a forward topple.” – link

P.S Check the videos on the second link

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