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I’ve lost me wallet! This is extremely annoying as now I will only be able to get cash out of the bank on Saturdays (damn my work being in a technology park miles from the centre of Dundee). Sorry to for not making your degree show, hope you had fun 🙂 I spent 3 hours searching my flat for it after I got home to no avail, although it’s looking a lot neater as I couldn’t help tidy as I went around. Couldn’t go to Entropy (the local punk/emo/ska/hardcore night) so that’s another month I’ll have to wait. Everyone who was planning to go to Star Wars on Sunday has tickets for it except me but now I can’t book a seat as my debit card was in my wallet. I also can’t book a coach for London until I get something sorted. And my parents are in Switzerland atm. Meh.

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