My poor HDD; I blame Tuesdays!

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This morning I awoke to find my hard drive had run out of space. Well, it’s only 145Gb so it was bound to happen sooner or later. Time for a big clear out. I must get around to popping that spare network card I’ve got into the old PC I’ve ‘borrowed’ from my Dad. I’m pretty sure that’s got around 40Gb in it which I can use for temp storage until I can up the space on my main box. I’ll probably end up making it a media storage box or something handy like that.

Many people say Mondays are the worst day of the week but I disagree; it’s Tuesdays I fear. By Monday morning I’m bored of doing nothing and sleeping until noon, and coming into work makes a bit of a change, but by Tuesday morning it finally sinks in that “no, doing nothing and sleeping until noon is much better than this shit” and the realisation that I’ve another 4 full days to go until I can relax and have some proper fun again hits home. A friend once said he dislikes Fridays because he knows that he’s only got two days until he has to be back at work again. Our clashing viewpoints made for one of those great silly long-lasting debates. I think I’m just bored of being lonely and not having anyone to talk to or cuddle with when I wake up on Saturday/Sunday mornings. Meh. Anyway.

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