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Work flew by rather quickly this week. Traffic to the second line Ethernet support desk I’m on right now seems to be picking up now it has a single unified number for front line agents to call. Before we had to print out and distribute around the call centre a list of each Ethernet agent’s specific phone number which was rather dumb, although we had a great skive the day the floor manager decided to put us in a side room as someone had managed to schedule more agents to come in than there were phones/pcs available and practically no-one knew where we’d disappeared to.

On Wednesday I headed to Drouthy Neebors for the latest Trans-Avant Electronic Collective night. First band on was Omnivore Demon (Andy Wake and friends) playing electro-acoustic ambient. I wasn’t keen on the first half which was more at the noise end of things, but I think they got into the zone later on with some rather pretty harmonious droning sounds from acoustic and electric guitars plus synths. Next up, after some ‘eclectic’ DJing by the organiser Neil McIntree, was Veestar (Gordon Cameron plus his Dundonian friend who’s name I forget). Dub-techno mixed with ambient, lots of knob twiddling, plus a variety of samples thrown in for good measure. Turns out afterwards that they hadn’t actually planned what they were going to be playing as it was all arranged at the last minute; it really showed, with a noticeable lack of progression and sometimes even general structure in the tracks played, although there were a few good bits to come out of the jam like some funky bass lines and catchy loops (albeit I’d assume they were pre-programmed). The downstairs room in Drouthies, which is where Scope will be held in two weeks time, was pretty devoid of people and the manager even closed the bar down much to Neil’s annoyance, although turning off the bar lights made for a cosier atmosphere as everyone sat together and had a bit of a chat in-between and after the two bands played. I met a nice guy by the name of Jim who’s just been in town six months and is working at Dundee Uni and had an enjoyable discussion about music, the world of research and Graphviz. It also made me feel that I really should try and do something about a Dundee music scene portal again, albeit leaning more towards electronic and experimental stuff this time. The T.A.E.C doesn’t have much of a web presence apart from an announce only mailing list (comment in this entry if you’d like the addy) so I can see ‘scope’ (haha, *sigh*) for something more dynamic and interactive. Maybe an open discussion mailing list for peeps into electronic and experimental would be great so there could be networking between people who’re interested in Dundee events like the T.A.E.C, Sin, Scope, Felt, Electric Lady, Dysfunction, etc.

Friday evening was Sin. To be frank, I think I’m starting to get bored of the music played there. Too many techno orientated tracks, not enough variety of ‘club classics’, not enough innovation outside the first 45 mins of the night (saying that, although I wasn’t there early this month someone informed me Wai Pi Wai’s ‘YPY’ was played again), plus they have a tendency to play remixes of requests rather than the actual track requested (and that’s if they play the request) – if I wanted a remix I’d have asked for it! Plus there are no track listings for the sets which is infuriating, although it does have the effect that if a bad track is played then most of the regulars I know will blame DJ Barry as DJ Matt is ‘too cool’ to play anything bad. and were up from Edinburgh which was very nice although also a bit depressing as I was again reminded how stagnant and narrow the alt. scene is in Dundee. I do plan to move on at some point, but right now I’m happy with my current job for what I’m doing in it plus it’s usefulness for CV fodder. It also reminded me how I should try and not be as shy in rl :p

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