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Right, I’m DJing at Scope tomorrow so I need to burn a few more CDs worth of music and give more thought to what I’m going to be playing. I actually enjoy the challenge of having to choose the flow of the music on the spot, rather than planning what to play ahead of time, but I best make sure I have enough stuff to choose from for the night itself.

I’ve booked coach tickets to get through to Edinburgh on Saturday. I’m planning on meeting with , Tribsy and (if he can make it) aC for the afternoon, then heading to Ascension later on in the evening. Who’s planning on going out? And can any kind soul provide crash space for a milk? 🙂

I’ve put in for holidays from work for ‘s stag do at Version, this years Infest, my birthday, and for the Christmas week. Hopefully these’ll come through by the start of next week. I’ll still have to see if I can get time off for Lexx-o-rama, or indeed, if I have enough cash to get there.

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