Scope and Ascension

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Shwow! Scope went swimmingly on Friday. A big thank you to all the peeps who came out; the turnout pleased the manager enough to give us a new date for Friday the 22nd of July, which is also the date of Sin that month (note this is not the next Sin I’m talking about) so there will be somewhere for attendees wanting club action afterwards. I’ll write about the set-lists in a seperate post.

Got a coach through to Edinburgh [too] early on Saturday. After a kip on a bench in the Grassmarket I met up with Tribs and for a wander around the Royal and Scottish Museum. Unfortunately I was still rather shattered and almost fell asleep when sitting down to rest a couple of times. After a wander and a bite to eat, I said my goodbyes and wandered down to have a gander at the new Scottish Parliament. I love the wacky way the MSPs offices jut out (1, 2, 3) and the contrast between the building and Arthur’s Seat behind, plus the carving and text panels on the Caongate Wall. The front entrance seems grand enough, although I didn’t get to see it all lit up like this. Afterwards I headed up to s where I got ready then headed out to Ascension with her, Sid and . The night made an enjoyable change from Sin, nothing that amazing, a few amusing fuck ups with their cds, and still with the most annoying dancefloor imaginable, right next to the bar and with no space for people to move around the room without bumping into some energised body bouncing away to the music. Peeps out included , , , , and (although I only saw him briefly from afar). After I got back to I was zonked and slept rather a long time. Caught the bus back to Dundee at 6pm, arrived at 8, plonked myself in front of the net to catch up with life and prepare myself for work the next day.

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