Entropy and Aberdeen

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After work on Friday I went over the river to my parents to pick up my Creative Zen Micro mp3 player, which had just come back from repairs again. I had a google regarding the problem I’d had with the unit (dodgy headphone socket) and it seems the flaw is fairly wide spread; Creative recommends owners use a headphone cable with a 90° angle jack which is a bit stupid but I’ll try and find an adaptor as I can’t be bothered with the hassle of sending it away and having no music to listen to when out and about.

Headed out to Entropy (monthly punk/emo/ska/hardcore night) for a bit of a change and had much fun dancing away avec glowsticks, although I was a bit disappointed that no proper pit occurred as I’d have enjoyed a good mosh or pogo. DJs Neil and Doug seem to know their stuff when it comes to punk but they don’t seem to care much for punky industrial (i.e. Mindless Self Indulgence, etc), dance-punk (i.e., !!!, LCD Soundsystem, etc), or punk influenced indie/rock (i.e. The Mars Volta/… And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, etc). Ah well.

Got a Megabus Saturday morning up to Aberdeen, arrived a little after noon and met up with Suzzi (), Missy, Claire and sprogs (). We headed to a park to relax for a bit where I ate some Sushi, wrestled with Suzzi and Claire, and narrowly avoided crushing a small child 😮 Got back to Suzzi’s with Missy and the sprogs and collapsed, exhausted, on the sofa bed. Snoozed for a bit then chatted and noodled around until it was time to get ready for Teh Ghey Club! After a bath and shave, I popped on my knee-length black skirt and sleeveless lycra top, while Missy donned his maids outfit and sexay high heeled boots (unfortunatly no pics were taken, so nothing for ), then we all headed out to the club, Oh Henrys. I met up with my friend Drew from work in Dundee who I had a bit of a chat with; he impressed me greatly with his ability to flawlessly perform the routine for DJ Casper’s Cha Cha Slide. Suzzi and I got down on the dancefloor with some hot glowstick action to Gwen Stefani, the Spice Girls and Steps, and I even got a kiss on both cheeks for lending some random guy a glowstick. Someone asked me what sex I was – score! Gender bending++. All in all, I had a great time meeting peeps and going out, something I seem to have been doing a lot of recently. Aberdeen last weekend, Edinburgh the week before and London before that. I should try and make it up for Elizium at some point in the future to see how it has changed since I was there last (which must have been over two years ago now). This Friday is Sin and the Friday after that I was thinking of giving Dysfunction (Dundee techno/trance/etc night) a go. I’ve 68 glowsticks out of 80 left from the mass purchase, so if I keep it up at this rate I’ll be running a bit low by the end of the year 😉

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