Disfunction, Cage, Sin and Nine Inch Nails

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Ach, time to try and kick my posting lethargy and write something about what I’ve been doing recently. Two Fridays ago I went for the first time, alone, to Disfunction, Dundee’s hard dance night. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I arrived as a) I’d never been to a proper dance club night before and b) I’d been to the venue (the top floor of the City Function Suites) years ago for the punk night Entropy and knew it was a bit of a box, but when I got out of the lift I entered into a room full of smoke, lasers, glow and banging music, so I knew from the get-go I was going to have a good time. The music was rather good, at the start going between techno and trancy stuff, then later on into more harder and rhythmic stuff including gabber, nrg and hardstyle. Needless to say, I was ge’in it laldy on the dancefloor with ma glowsticks for most of the night. I was also ‘spotted‘ by someone for DontStayIn; anyone else on that? It turns out the night is on the first Friday of every second month so the next one is the 2nd of September, the weekend after Infest; anyone interested?

Got up at 5pm on Saturday then managed to drag my shattered self out to Cage. DJ Doug managed to play a fair few industrial rock tracks which was nice, although it’s really stupid that I keep going there on the off chance that something interesting could possibly be played, as I could be having a whole night of fun going to Electric Lady at The Reading Rooms; it’s just that no-one I know goes there, and I’d rather not feel lonely every time I go out. *sigh* Anyway. NIN’s ‘The Hand That Feeds’ is quickly becoming as annoyingly overplayed as Closer. I wonder if that remix with the never-ending outro will be played for a third month in a row at the next Sin. I wouldn’t put it past Matt and Baz as they’ve managed to play ¥?¥’s ¥?¥ and that bloody Boards Of Canada ‘One Very Important Thought’ track for about 5 months running. Although, saying that, Sin last month was rather enjoyable. Many good tracks played plus and were up from Edinburger which was cool. Afterwards we went back to ‘s and Angel being a puppet (har-har).

I arrived in London very early on Tuesday and made my way to ‘s where I helped her move some of her stuff out, played with Perl the cat, then dozed until mid afternoon. We headed out to Brixton, met up with and went to see Nine Inch Nails. As expected, it’s a tour for the new album, which truth be told I haven’t really gotten into compared with the love at first sight I had for any of his previous albums. But they did still play a good selection of older stuff I could sing along to 😉 I wish I’d seen them on the Fragility tour back in 2000, but no worry; Trent will be back at some point after the next album is out and probably again after that. Crashed at ‘s, got the coach back up, arrived very late on Wednesday. 24 hours later and I’d have been really fucked for getting to Victoria Bus Station on time…

P.S. Check this hard dance mix by Liam B (cheers to for that) or this stream for the kind of stuff you’d hear at Disfunction.

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