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Friday evening marked both the lowest and the highest I’ve felt for a long time. Cash is at an all time low, again, after by budgeting fuck up at the start of the month. I’ve half of the £20 my dad loaned me plus a couple of quid in coins left (the bus fares for next week will be £8.40 >_<). I've been working through the tins of food I've accumulated in the last 12 months but have never been interested in eating. There's, like, a whole vertical slice of fish in a tin of pink salmon, spine bone and all! *wonders what he'll find inside the Asda value tin labelled 'Chunky Chicken'* I was feeling incredibly anxious and jittery for the whole evening at Scope on Friday. I was happier with my second more upbeat electroie set than I was with my first, and I kept managing to forget the name of the track I was wanting to play next and stressing out about it. I was actually quite upset the night was the same date as Sin as I know how miffed I'd be if I had to choose between two events I'm really interested in which are on at the same time, especially as Sin is the only other regular event in Dundee I know I'll hear tracks I really enjoy listening to outside of my flat. The nightmarish feeling that I'm inconveniencing and annoying certain people because of my defective people skills has been with me once again for the last few weeks. I'd like to think things will be better next month cash wise, although I've still got to pay back for the Stag Do tickets and arrange transport and accommodation for his and ‘s wedding next Saturday. I try to force thoughts of my problems out of my mind when I’m stressed, leaving things till the last minute then cursing myself for being so silly. Anyway. Just as I arrived at Sin, what should start but The Hand That Feeds, although it was the original rather than that supa-extended-outro-for-beatmatching(-which-isn’t-done-at-sin) mix. The two hours of the night I caught were enjoyable; least I thought so after I dropped. Then I felt normal again. Well, better than normal, but I have been in a bit of a rut recently. A trio of munters arrived back at mine shortly after sin where we had Good Times. Slept till 11ish then spoke to on the phone for a couple of hours. She’s so sweet and cute 🙂 Passed out until 7pm then generally sat in front of the net for the whole evening, taking time out to experiment with different toppings for Matzos crackers. Mmm… thick creamy Philadelphia…

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