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Here’s a big mix of old and newer links, painstakingly ordered into paragraph length.

“Police in Malaysia are hunting for members of a violent gang who chopped off a car owner’s finger to get round the vehicle’s hi-tech security system. The car, a Mercedes S-class, was protected by a fingerprint recognition system.” – link

“Now you can get air fresheners that capture the fragrance you really crave… MEAT! Imagine filling your bedroom with the alluring smell of a barbecued steak. Or climbing into your car to encounter the heavenly scent of smoked bacon.” – link

“Okay, I’ll begin by answering the obvious question? What is Telstar Logistics? The short answer is that it’s a scam for parking illegally in loading zones. The nerdy answer is that it’s an ongoing experiment in corporate phenomenology and identity development. The tale unfolds something like this…” – link

“Multiplayer Thumb-Wrestling – It is possible to put together three hands of three players who want to indulge in thumb-wrestling. A nodal network is formed. In a game of three, the player holding tight the thumb which is furthest down is the winner. All other thumbs (further up) have a walk-over for the two thumbs furthest down are frozen already.” – link

“Lovecraft Country: Return to Arkham is a comic book set in H.P. Lovecraft’s Arkham in 1933. Seth Fletcher has just journeyed to Arkham, seeking his brother lost years before, but as he will soon discover, all is not as it seems. The Lovecraft Country comic is here presented in a special online format for easy reading. If you prefer, or have a very large monitor, you can also view it in the original comic book layout.” – link

“32. Defendant is an far-right wing Internet news website that posts libellous and defamatory content and is used by Open Source Community members to anonymously post hate speech, death threats, threats to murder and promotes and advocates acts of domestic terrorism within the United States. The address and location of defendants is believed to be within the State of California, but is unknown at the present time.” – link

“Earlier this year Microsoft and ASUS showed a new technology that might be baked in to future laptops, an auxiliary display, a small LCD on the outside of a laptop that can display email, battery, CPU, Wi-Fi signal and all sorts of things. … I like the idea, but don’t wait to wait until Windows Vista/Longhorn so here’s how to make your own that’s almost as good…It’s also a great and cheap way to add a LCD to a PC case, this HOW TO uses the now free Konfabulator! Here’s how!…” – link

“This isopod causes degeneration of the tongue of its host fish the rose snapper, Lutjanus guttatus, and it then attaches to the remaining tongue stub and floor of the fish’s mouth by hook-like pereopods. In this position the isopod superficially resembles its host’s missing tongue. Brusca & Gilligan (1983) hypothesize that these isopods serve as a mechanical replacement for the fish’s tongue and represent the first known case in animals of functional replacement of a host structure by a parasite. This relationship is so-far known only from the Gulf of California.” – link

“On July 25, 2005, Canadian Internet Service Provider (ISP) Telus blocked subscribers’ access to a Web site set up by an employee labour union intended to publicize the union’s views about its dispute with Telus. In addition, the OpenNet Initiative’s (ONI) research shows that Telus’s decision to block traffic to the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the site caused collateral filtering of at least 766 additional, unrelated Web sites. Telus restored access to the IP address hosting the sites on July 28, 2005, while appearing to maintain an option to block any sites it chooses.” – link

“Bluetooth has been built into millions of devices such as cell phones, but ultra wideband (UWB), which is not yet in full production, provides faster data rates. In addition, UWB will benefit because it is not a standard because of disagreements between groups offering two different versions of the technology. However, representatives of both types of UWB were enthusiastic about merging the technologies. … This is an extremely positive move,” Stephen Wood, UWB technology strategist for Intel, said in a statement. Intel is a highly-visible vendor in one of the Bluetooth camps. However, the leading vendor in the other UWB camp was equally enthusiastic.” – link

“A Windows service provides functionality to the operating system and user accounts regardless of whether anyone is logged into a system. Windows XP comes with around four dozen services enabled by default, including ones that many people consider superfluous like Remote Registry, Alerter, and SSDP Discovery (Universal Plug and Play). A question many Windows administrators commonly have is therefore, which services can I safely disable? What if I told you that for at least basic functionality like Web surfing and application execution, Windows doesn’t need any services?” – link

“The Wi-Mesh Alliance, said Tuesday it will issue its proposal to the IEEE 802.11 Task Group S, which is meeting in San Francisco to discuss a possible mesh standard. There are 15 separate proposals for the standard, which will be called IEEE 802.11s, said Bilel Jamoussi, director of strategic standards at the Chief Research Office of Nortel Networks. ‘The ever expanding proliferation of wireless devices and communication services has made the development of a worldwide standard for mesh WLANs critical to their future success,’ Mark Whitton, Nortel’s vice president of wireless solutions, said in a statement. ‘Wireless users expect secure seamless access anywhere, anytime, and the new standard proposed by the Alliance is designed to enable mesh WLANs to meet those expectations as wireless communications continue to evolve.'” – link

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