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Does the art you enjoy match your personality?


Your favourite type of art is Japanese ukiyo-e. In the personality profile you had a high agreeableness score, which suggests you are keen to understand others? feelings and put people at ease.

People who are the same age and sex as you are most likely to prefer Impressionism

People who also score highly in your dominant personality trait are most likely to prefer Impressionism

More about your personality test results

Average extraversion
People with average extraversion scores tend not to crave the company of others quite as much as people with high extraversion scores. But they also don’t necessarily feel happiest on their own like people with low extraversion scores. They are somewhere in between. Sometimes they enjoy the stimulation of events like parties, but they are also more able to make their own entertainment.

High agreeableness
People with high agreeableness scores engage positively with other people. They are keen to understand people’s feelings and feel real warmth for others. As they are so empathic, they like to make sure other people are happy and will do what they can to put people at their ease.

Average conscientiousness
People with average conscientiousness scores have a sense of responsibility and like to get the job done. However, they might concentrate more on the big picture and less on the details than people with high conscientiousness scores.

Average emotional stability
People with average emotional stability scores are more likely to have mood swings than people with high emotional stability scores. But they tend to have a less varied emotional life than people with low emotional stability scores. They are somewhere in between. They can be fairly relaxed and predictable, but may occasionally have strong emotional reactions to events.

High intellectualism
People with high intellectualism scores are interested the abstract. They like thinking about things they can’t see and have creative imaginations, able to dream up whole new worlds. They like to feel they understand things and will probe deeply into a subject to get as good an insight as possible.

Average emotional intelligence
People with average emotional intelligence scores have a reasonably good emotional insight, but are only human. They believe they are relatively good at empathising with other people, though like anyone else they can occasionally get it wrong. Average scorers tend to see themselves as fairly well balanced, with some insight into their emotional make-up. They are pretty good at interacting with others and use their emotional insight to try to understand other people as well as they can.

The paintings I enjoyed the most were this, this and this. I mainly like my modernism and minimalism, but anything with a certain ammount or concept of form or order to it – even if it’s from the romantic, classical, post-modern or whatever – I can enjoy too.

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