WC 14/8/05

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A bit of a change at work this week. Although the 8 person strong second line network support team I’m on has been fairly quiet recently, which is to be expected really as the level of calls to tech support normally die right down during the summer time, the management are wanting us to implement a new rota system that involves one of us to be able to cover 1pm-9pm week days and 9am-5pm on weekends. Although the front line technical support does provide 24 hour coverage, the vast majority customers who call out with normal business hours are those who work from home using single user non-router packages, and for anyone who is really in need of help setting up static ips or a dmz on their router at such hours there are already technical specialists on hand to help with that sort of thing. Also, as the network desk at our site is still classed as a ‘trial’ (even though that’s about three months we’ve been doing it now), we are still on the same rate of pay as front line although the agents on the established network desk at the other call centre up in Alness get paid almost £1 more an hour than we do but don’t have to put up with crazy shift shit. Basically put, we’re getting screwed over. Not that I’m surprised though, I knew it would happen at some point as the company BT gets to do it’s dirty work is fairly well known for that sort of thing. Anyway.

Friday was ‘s birthday/leaving do. Those in attendance included (duh), , , , Keiron, Micha, , , , , , , , DJ Matt, Lorna, DJ Doug, his girlfriend (whose name I can never remember >_<) and Stu (the one that puked in my shoe the night before Dark City ;p), with choonage provided by . The theme of my fancy dress was meant to be ‘intentionally bad drag’ but it ended up looking more like ‘electrotrach whore‘. Had much sober fun, caught up with peeps, danced a lot. Also met a very interesting girl who likes DJ Aphrodite (Bad Ass!), My Bloody Valentine, Mindless Self Indulgence, Venetian Snares, Enduser and Converter, and has a large collection of vinyl. ‘Nuff said for now.

On Saturday afternoon I was in Da Ferry (that page requires editing for NPOV, section headings and a map and/or photograph. Yes, I admit it, I’m addicted to Wikipedia) for lunch with my aunt and granny. Hadn’t seen either of them in ages so we had a good natter about stuff. I had the char grilled steak. Delish’. Later on in the evening was ‘s murder mystery party. I’d never done role-playing in that kind of manner before and wasn’t entirely sure how it would work out, but all the guests (about 14 IIRC) got right into it and were chatting away in character, improvising with the basic details they had been provided with beforehand. Using a bit of logical deduction and some educated guesswork I ended up being the only one to guess who the killer was correctly – , you evil girl! Thanks again to and for having us all and for the DVD 🙂

On Sunday , , and I watched many eps of Lost. Man, I absolutely love that show. Will talk about it more at some point in the future.

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