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My MySpace space is here, if anyone’s interested. If you add me I can have lots of friends and look really cool. Bah, it’s another social networking site that lacks really interesting or worthwhile features, in the same vein as Orkut. Wow, you can add people and leave them messages and.. um… well, the flash music player is rather nifty in an it-works-but-sod-anyone-who-doesn’t-or-can’t-use-flash kinda way. Oh, and the site layout — the site layout sucks ass. Bastards.

Two days until Infest now. Got transport, tickets, student halls, clothing, toiletries, glowsticks and a towel (not going to make that mistake again!) all in order, and I’m going to get help from to zap those roots this evening. Logistics paranoia hasn’t kicked in just yet, but I’m totally buzzing about meeting peeps again; got the Dundee lot, the Edinburgh lot, the #uk_goffs lot and the lot to look forward to bouncing about with. Should be good fun and all. And this year I’m gonna make an effort to see all the bands, no matter if it means getting up before 4pm on Saturday/Sunday ;P

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