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An Infest post is being worked on and should hopefully be finished quicker than the six weeks it took me last year — but there’s something I’ve been meaning to mention for a couple of weeks now, something I noticed the week before ‘s party. I was at work, just sitting there, noodling away in-between calls, minding my own business, when it dawned upon me that I was actually feeling rather happy. Not happy because of some specific thing I’d just accomplished or because of some random thing online, but just generally happy, something I don’t think I’ve felt for the best part of a year or more. And I’ve continued feeling like that ever since. I’m hesitant to talk about it in case the feeling fades away again, but I do believe I’ve regained my bounce again. Maybe it was due to my bad split ten months ago, maybe because I’ve been putting lots of thought towards leaving this depressing dead-end city, maybe because of the expectation of meeting old and new friends at Infest, I don’t know. I do know that I’m finding it much easier to speak to people now — I had an adult conversation with my mum over dinner this evening, I was gob-smacked — plus I really feel like breaking into dance all the time and have a bop to the music in my head. Anyway, needless to say, this is something I shall be watching closely over the next few weeks/months. It’s late, I’m off to bed to rest before my cousins wedding tomorrow. – I’ll give you a call on Saturday to see if i can catch you before you head off down south.

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