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sent over a pic of the sharks tail with the logo that , , and I had totally missed, but it was of a sucky res and we weren’t sure if it was photoshopped so we decided to check it for ourselves. and made me seek backwards and forwards for ages to get different examples of the logo from different parts, and I’m a bit drunk so here’s an over excessive MS Painted image for those who are interested. The image of the vial is from the start of the first ep of the new season; didn’t notice the numbers there till I read about them on Wikipedia.

Dharma (sanskrit, roughly law or way) is the way of the higher Truths. Beings that live in harmony with Dharma proceed quicker towards moksha, nirvana or personal liberation, a concept central in eastern religions .”

P.S. Fuck off Richard Cheese, Paul Anka whoops your ass.

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