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I got into shit at work yesterday. Apparently the techies down at Derby where the BT internal network meets the outside world thought there was a trojan on my PC due to the large amounts of traffic coming from it’s IP. Turns out it was actually due to my power web browsing, mainly my recent addiction to Wikipedia that had set off triggers of some kind. I’m up for an investigation next week and might be made an example of and loose my job. Woo!

Last nights Sin was enjoyable, although lacked a . Damn the government! (; yes, they did play that Tarmvred track). I was considering going to Belman this evening but thought I was going to a party so didn’t book anything, now the party has been postponed and couldn’t be bothered arranging things last minute, so maybe next month. Also, I’ll have to visit Edinburgh again at some point soon, or maybe not if I lack a job and need to save cash..

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