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Today I went into work for 9am, felt rather under the weather, found out my shift was actually 1pm-9pm, advised my manager I was too ill to stay on and headed home. Today it rained, so today I bought an umbrella. One of those niftay press-button-to-expand-press-again-to-retract types. Ph33r my fiendishly evil remote arm nudging device. A steaming hot bowl of beef broth later, I’m feeling a bit better although my throat is killing me ;o

was up at the weekend, was great to have some company. She was tired after the journey, not having had a chance to sleep, so we belayed the plans to go out and crashed on the sofa to the sounds of musak. On Saturday I showed her the sights of Dundee then we noshed spag bol in Wetherspoons. Headed over to and s for a while and chatted before heading back to mine then out for Cage. Nothing excuting as usual. Saw and Tze, and briefly . I had a bit of a dance and a mosh but we both ended up feeling pretty tired/bored so headed off around half one. Sunday was spent lazing around some more, watching Donnie Darko (the plot reminded me of The Butterfly Effect but that was released after), getting stoned then covered in chocolate. Later on I saw TPG to the station where she got the overnight train home.

Btw, we’re planning on heading out to Judder on November the 11th. Who vill be there? Also, any recommendations for a hotel/b&bs near the club?

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