Fire in the disco!

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Yeah, like, my building was on fire today. Had a policeman banging on my door at 3pmish to get me out, so I threw on some clothes and stood across the road watching reams of smoke emanate out of the roof for a while. Two fire engines, some chocolate milk and a couple of hours later and disaster seems to have been averted. The building is three stories high and I’m on the second floor, but all the action seems to have been contained within the attic. Apparently there is water damage to some of the flats above mine, poor peeps. The cause is unknown atm, but I’ll see what happens with that. I’m at and s atm (100m around the corner) but have been advised to return at 7pm when the fire crews will hopefully have finished their thang (I need some pants!).

Update: But not tonight… The fire peeps will be in there until tomorrow. The roof has become slightly unstable and there is a chance slates could be knocked in the wind. I got my pants and other essentials, although the floor of my lounge is soaking from water that has come down the walls from above. There was a tarp covering my sofa courtisy of the fire brigade so I got to shove a few things under that in case any further water comes down during the night. God damn mother fucking son of a bitch, aaarrghhh. Will be crashing at Andy and Jo’s tonight and heading out in a while to drown my sorrows and meet ‘s Dad. Later y’all.

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